Resident Advisor Poll: Top 100 DJs of 2008

DJing: It’s an artform like few others, and one that too often goes underrecognized. DJs can transform a good party into a great one, and turn a previously solid night into a disaster. Sometimes they’ve even been rumoured to save lives.

But while RA has contributors from around the world that have picked our site’s top jocks in the past, we decided to try something a bit different this year. We opened our top DJs poll to you—the RA users—to see who you felt was consistently rocking dance floors in 2008. So we set up a page, locked out all of the fake e-mail spamming street teamers and let you at it.

The results were overwhelming, with thousands of votes pouring in for DJs of nearly every conceivable genre. House, techno, trance, dubstep, electro, disco, indie and more: It’s a list that has Tiesto rubbing shoulders with Mathias Kaden, Boys Noize with Theo Parrish and Damian Lazarus sandwiched right between Aeroplane and Armin Van Buuren. Ladies and gentlemen, your Top 100 DJs of 2008.

Some very interested and talented results came out in the end. Check out the whole list here at RESIDENT ADVISOR

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