Elite Force – REVAMPED Album – Out Now!

sHack’s new REVAMPED album dropped yesterday and it contains some of the finest mashed up classic tracks from the tech-funk and breaks scene. This is a MUST HAVE album for those who have been playing any of the artists listed below. sHack is such an important part of the tech-funk community and as a pioneer he has curated outlets for us such as StrongArm Sessions and also the Techfunk Manifesto Blog. Big respect to him and the whole community that supports.

“I decided to embark on a whole new extension of the re-edit idea looking at creating a number of brand new tracks out of components taken from older tunes… proper mash-ups. Some were born out of simple live jams that evolved into finely tuned studio creations, whilst others were ground-up rebuilds where I was effectively writing new pieces of music using samples from other tracks. There was no fixed way of working and no sacred cows that went un-plundered.” [Elite Force]

The long-awaited ‘Revamped’ album from mashup supremo Elite Force, is finally with us. With a list of Revamped artists that include Wolfgang Gartner, The Propellerheads, Plump DJs, Datsik, Vandal, Calvertron, Stanton Warriors, Meat Katie, Daniele Papini, Popof, Bar9, Bassbin Twins, Dylan Rhymes, Hatiras & Classixx (amongst many more), these re-workings are often closer to new productions than simple edits, a point made very eloquently by iDJ who observed that ‘we have entered a whole new paradigm in mashupology’ with the release of this album


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