Really looking forward to this one………. never a dull moment with MO7S.

Heading back to one of my favorite Boston sound systems at the end of the month. I’ll be behind the main room controls with my good friend MO7S all night long. This is going to be a great night!

DJ Melee, MO7S and Wil Trahan – New Single “Reality Check” Sturdy Recordings

Sturdy Recordings 6th release is a native affair supporting 3 veterans of the North Eastern Scene. Starting with label Honcho DJ Melee, the leading man of the movement gives into the pump with a tech house jam that doesn’t let up. The cohesive nature of all the parts create a sum that will keep the dance floor, “In Check.” Organ sub bass and subtle chords pulse threw-out, creating a nice high energy atmosphere. First remix duties comes from the days of rave past, MO7S. Bringing back a nostalgic acid bass sound, combining a big bottom sub and some processed TB-303. Definitely a flash back pursuit for you reminiscent types. The final remix comes from none other than the Boston’s Bijou Blast Master, Wil Trahan, who takes the mix into darker territories, ala Berghain. Keep your eyes on this guy, he has the tools. Big room deep, with darkness at our feet, this is why we store canned food underground during nuclear fallout.

STURDY002 – DJ Melee & Shuman – Ionic – Out Now!

This month we see the next release on Sturdy Recordings that has been receiving some amazing feedback from all across the globe, with support from artists such as Richie Hawtin, SLAM, Noah Pred, Vandal, John Selway and much more. The release features outstanding remixes by DOPAMINE, MO7S and C DUBS.   You can check out…

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MO7S & MELEE “Burning at Both Ends” Mix

  “A Mix by Melee and I to celebrate not only my first year on the playa for Burning Man, but also our everlasting friendship and partnership of passion. Brothers from different mothers. In times where I’ve felt discouraged, or challenged adversity, Melee has inspired me to continue doing what I truly love, finding great…

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RBMA Tunnel @ Indie Arts Festival 2010 – July 31st

Red Bull Music Academy Tunnel @ IndieArts Festival Date: Saturday July 31th 2010 Start Time: 6:00pm EST Red Bull Music Academy Tunnel Line-Up: … AC SLATER (TROUBLE & BASS, NYC) MELEE & MO7S (Sturdy Recordings / Monism Music – BOS/LA) TIM O’KEEFE & GREGOR MITERSINKER (Indie-Dance Party – RI) Visual Stimulation Provided By: VJ ZEBBLER…

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