Monism Music: Jesse Brooks "ISTF" *Zodiac Cartel Remix"! Prepares for release!

This year Monism Music, that MO7S and myself have been running will take the next step in the direction of becoming a stateside Tech-Funk label. One of very few might I add. This week, our next release Monism 006 done by West Coasts, Jesse Brooks, had a spotlight done over on the TECH-FUNK MANIFESTO, owned and operated by Mr. Elite Force. You can check out what people have said already and hear a sample of the upcoming Zodiac Cartel remix scheduled for release right in time for the Winter Music Conference.

In other news, prepare for the following release Monism 007 to have remixes of LA’s Brian Thomas‘ “The Drop” done by Lot49’s, Kid Blue and one from yours personally. All will be dropping for WMC. So much in the works, don’t sleep now!

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