It’s been a long last 18 months with the pandemic and loss of our good friend Pat. We have known each other for so long and there are times, that I just assume he will pickup if I call and then quickly remember he is no longer with us here. It’s been difficult at times and grief shows itself in the strangest times. While doing a run in the morning and listening to a track that reminds me of him, or simply waking up first thing with a cup of coffee and thinking about the times we’ve had and experiences we’ve shared. He didn’t want a pity party, he wanted to no longer be in pain and wanted everyone to remember him as someone who should be celebrated. We will do that for Pat on July 10th. We miss you buddy! This is my first gig in a while and it’s all about Pat Fontes. <3



What a year………..

Happy New Year to everyone out there! There’s been some absolutely smashing events that I have played this year and just wanted to thank all those who have supported the nights. Here’s to another fantastic year of banging dance music! Cheers!…

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CBS Boston – “Boston’s Best DJ’s”

I almost forgot about this! About a month ago, CBS Boston did an article on “Boston’s Best DJ’s” and I made the list. It feels so damn good when you put in so much hard work and passion and something comes out like this.  To all those involved in this list, I greatly appreciate the…

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New Tattoo – I Hate Markus!

Just got my new tattoo done from Markus at Kaleidoscope Tattoo. I absolutely love this piece but I must say, it was a difficult spot once we started in the inner section near the armpit. Regardless, well worth the temporary pain. Markus was also the master behind my arm and my wife’s beautiful side piece…

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