MO7S & MELEE “Burning at Both Ends” Mix


“A Mix by Melee and I to celebrate not only my first year on the playa for Burning Man, but also our everlasting friendship and partnership of passion. Brothers from different mothers. In times where I’ve felt discouraged, or challenged adversity, Melee has inspired me to continue doing what I truly love, finding great tunes attempting to mix them without getting too excited!

From coast to coast, our friendship thrives and flourishes with ideas that we both integrate into our labels, Monism & Sturdy. In accordance with Melee’s absence this year, I will do my best to represent on his behalf. He’s half the reason I’m there anyways!!

Together we provide you with 60 minutes of tunes to get you there….



Chevel “Hexadecimal” (Monad I)

Al Tourettes & Appleblim “Mr Swishy” (Aus Music)

Hermanez “Do You” *Original* (Kling Klong)

Darko Esser “Bofkont” *King Roc Remix* (Wolfskuil Records)

Cari Lekebusch “Art of Technology” (H Prod)

The Rogue Element “Panic Attack” *King Roc Remix* (Exceptional)

Julian Jeweil ” Babou” (Plus 8 Records)

Deepgroove & Jamie Anderson “screaming trees” (Tronic Soundz)

Butch “Apophis” *Ramon Tapia Rmx* (SCI+TEC Digital Audio)

FM Radio Gods “333” *D-Nox and Beckers Rmx* (Baroque Records)

Meat Katie “Sutter” (Lo Kik Records)

Mr Blink “Gecko” *original Mix* (Fly Eye Records)


If you are attending. And enjoy the sounds. MO7S dates in BRC are listed below.

Tuesday night-Wednesday morning; 2:45am Underground @ RootSociety

Saturday Day; 1:00pm Tag Team with Nigel Richards Underground @ RootSociety

Saturday Night-Sunday Morning; 5:00am Yoshiwara @ RootSociety

Sunday Night- Monday Morning; 12:00am Orange @ Verdantbleep



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