Meat Katie – Rise Boston – January 18th

I am so excited for this event and stoked that Rise After-Hours Boston has brought Meat Katie back into Boston. It’s been a little over 5 years since we busted our asses to first bring him to the Phoenix Landing when we were doing Tension. We scraped up everything we could to make the event happen and it went off as expected. Such an amazing night of sounds in that room. Mark (MK) has had a huge influence on not only my DJ’ing but also production, showing me that you don’t have to pigeonhole your taste to one sub-genre. As one of the representatives of a sound called “Tech Funk” he has showed me that you can express your diversity in sound and talent of being able to play sets across the spectrum in a tasteful manner. If you have never had the chance to hear one of his sets or the many releases that his label LOT49 has released, this is your chance on January 18th!