Chicago – RBMA Meetings 2009 – Day #2

Wednesday morning I woke up a bit cloudy from the evening before out drinking with Boston to Chicago transplant, Snatch.
See Also: Michelle *love the chuck palahniuk references so i will use them from here on out*

So after making my way back up from the gym in the hotel and sweating out the jagermeister from the previous evening we made our way over to our first meetings at Chicago’s House of Blues (pictured below).

Today our meetings included the one and only Godfather of House music, Frankie Knuckles.
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After Frankie spoke to us and educated us on his history and shared his life stories, we then moved on to the after party for the evening. Held at Chicago’s own Smartbar, featuring a set from Ralphi Rosario and Frankie Knuckles.

Brian Gillespie (Detroit what!)

Snatch, Madonna and Me

Myself and Jud aka Jesus aka The White Dave Chapelle representing the LBC!

*Special Chicago appearance by Heath! I was hungover from Smartbar as you can plainly see. LOL

Chicago really is an amazing city and I look forward to returning soon. Cheers to you chicago!

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