Chicago – RBMA Meetings 2009 – Day #1

My 2+ hour plane ride brought me to my very first visit to Chicago. I immediately hopped on the blue line and took the train downtown to my home for the next 3 days. After a few drinks upon arriving catching up with my friends from other cities in the US (and other countries) and also meeting some new ones, I called it an early night.

*they paint the river green on St Patricks Day

Day #1 brought us to our meetings talking about what each and everyone of us will be bringing as a special event to our cities and how we can all improve our cities and make them stronger communities for music while also of course, informing everyone about the Academy.
I have to say. I have been involved with the Red Bull Music Academy for 7 years now and each and every year it gets me so excited to be a part of it. I love the concept of it all, I love the guest speakers that we meet and have the opportunity to hear their experiences. Their stories of what inspires them, what makes them do what they do. It makes me a better artist and inspires me, and it also makes me a better person.
So today’s very special guest speaker was Dennis Coffey. YES, THE DENNIS COFFEY! Funk Brothers! Motown Records! One of my favorite quotes he mentioned this evening that I will always remember is when the music business changed from the years he had known with living solely off of gigs and studio sessions and had to return back to the Detroit car industry in order to support his family. He said “Sometimes you have to be ready to bend to support your family” and “don’t ever give up the music”.

I look forward to the next two days and also look forward to returning back home to my family. More updates coming soon!

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