Pacha Disco on Acid – (Dylan Rhymes Re-Aligned) FREE DOWNLOAD

Here at Monism Music we are strong supporters of the LOT49 label and the people that are behind it for many reasons. We have followed the production of these folks since the days of Blue Black. Since those days, they have consistently crushed the Tech-Funk scene by bringing the masses nothing but the best across the genre spectrum. Together, we have drank the wine, smoked the smoke and shared the sound systems with these talented yet humble artists. Even in the time of need, they have shared their experiences with advice to us in order to better refine our skills with music and the industry. We are grateful for this. Be on the lookout for OUTSIDER’s remix of Monism artist Nullspace that will be dropping very soon!

With that said, anything that we can assist on pushing their work you will see come through our blogs and any other social networking outlets. DYLAN RHYMES presents a FREE DOWNLOAD of his re-alignment of the AfroJack Pacha on Acid with Seb Leger’s DiscoTechno. You can snatch it up below! Enjoy!


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