Where do I begin………

Over the last few years I have been working a ridiculous amount. With the new shop, Wednesdays at the Phoenix Landing, my job at Red Bull, Avalon, DJ’ing and trying to find time to get into the studio I have run myself into the ground. After draining myself to the point of getting pneumonia last month I have finally had my wake up call.

When I first began working at Avalon while managing Satellite Records, it was simply a part time job. In order for me to have my world revolve around music. I believed it was the best thing to do at the time. And for a while, it was……….until my life began to revolve around my job at Avalon. Which were never my intentions at all. I have always been about the music and left my previous life years and years ago to focus on just that, music. Ultimately, I believe my pride for my work and determination blurred my vision away from my real passion.

So after contemplating for many long evenings with the support of Jade we decided what would be best after the balancing was done. I would re-prioritize my life, get it back on track and submerge myself once again into my true desire.

With that said, I have given my notice to my job at the club, picked up some office hours during the day, will remain with my Red Bull responsibilities, and of course DJ’ing. I already feel like a ton of weight and aggravation have been lifted off my shoulders. I have never personally been so unhappy in a job and I have worked many jobs. Not to mention have been in the studio already more in the last week than I have been in months. It feels good……..