Soooo, as many of you already know May will be the last month of Tension. The last year and a half have been more than I could have ever asked for a Wednesday night and especially one that we built from the ground up. With that said, we have decided that we just need to put it to rest for while. Some have schedules that are just too damn busy and the weight of the Wednesday have basically run a few of us completely dry and without any personal time to work on music and focus on our personal lives and passions.

I will personally thank each and everyone one of you when I see you but you should all know that I am so very grateful for the support that has been shown to our Wednesday night and just express to you the great times we have had over the last year and half.

This will be nothing to get sad and upset over as we will still be doing occasional one-off parties and have also made arrangements with the new Thursdays at Axis that Volume will be hosting to help bring in some of our favorite guests that we have had the pleasure of bringing to Tension over the time.

Again, thank you so much to everyone who have supported! Let’s lay Tension down to rest this month with a fucking bang!!!