Go get it people!!! Featuring the prereleased J-Break & DJ Melee “Time & Rhythm”!!!

Well I have all this new music just sitting around, so why not throw together a new mix CD for you to check out. This mix is all original tracks that I’ve done in the past year, with a few unreleased tracks on there as well. You can either buy the mix on Beatport.com for $14.99 or if you would like a CD sent to your house, paypal me $20 to JBreak@gmail.com and I will send you one in the mail instead. πŸ™‚

Here is the tracklisting:

  1. J-Break – Club Banger
  2. J-Break – The Meltdown
  3. J-Break feat. Divine Blaque & ZKI – Twitch
  4. J-Break – Rasta Masta
  5. J-Break & DJ Melee – Time & Rhythm
  6. J-Break – Goin Down
  7. J-Break – The Combo
  8. J-Break – Blind
  9. J-Break feat. Doc Roc – The Battle
  10. J-Break – Something I Can Never Have
  11. J-Break & Una Slim – Electric Delusions

Audio samples are available on Beatport.com if you would to preview before you buy.