RBMA Workshop: Thomas Oberheim – June 3rd – Boston

Here we are again my friends. Yet another amazing amazing guest speaker to grace the city of Boston. Why sleep on this once in a lifetime experience?

2 thoughts on “RBMA Workshop: Thomas Oberheim – June 3rd – Boston

  1. ranndino

    Your email form keeps giving me an error so I’ll have to do it this way:

    Hi. I attended the Crystal Method show at the new House of Blues last night and your mix was off the hook. I’m wondering if you recorded it and will post it in the audio section on your site. Once again, great job man.


    Hey there, not sure why the contact section is giving you issues. I will look into that. I appreciate the kind words, unfortunately the set was not recorded. Hit me up via email at coppo@monismmusic.com

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